La biblia de los los Chakras

BOOK - The bible of the Chakras

Referencia: 1603

Health, Wellness and Spiritual Development.

Author: Patricia Mercier

Approximate book size: 14 x 16.5cm

Approximate book weight: 495gr

Number of pages: 400 págs.

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The Chakra bible offers you all the information you need to know to work with the chakras, authentic wheels of body energy. It also provides precise explanations on the auras, subtle energy and the balance of the chakras, and you will learn the origins of the latter according to Indian tradition.

Each of the seven main Chakras has a specific chapter with detailed instructions on how to activate, calm and balance them, as well as interesting explanations on the yoga postures that help to gain awareness of the chakras and stimulate the flow of energy through the body.

This book also incorporates interesting information on the history of the chakras in other traditions, data on newly discovered chakras and explanations of advanced healing techniques. Thanks to this book you will be able to reach new levels of health, well-being and spiritual development.

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