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Transmisiones a través del Cristal Una síntesis de luz - triología de los cristales- Katrina Raphaell

BOOK - The Illumination by the Crystals - Crystal Trilogy

Referencia: 1566

The transformative properties of crystals and healing stones.

Author: Katrina Raphaell

Approximate size of the book: 14.5 x 21cm

Approximate book weight: 250gr

Number of pages: 160págs.

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The Crystal Trilogy is a comprehensive treatise on the use of crystals and gemstones for personal growth, healing, protection and a multitude of other beneficial purposes.

In this groundbreaking work of extraordinary success in the United States, Katrina Raphaell captures the results of her research into the ancient use of minerals as well as her extensive experience in therapeutic practice.

This first volume in the series, Enlightenment by Crystals, is an unbeatable introduction to the occult and healing powers of the mineral kingdom. With this work we will discover the ancient art of magical and therapeutic use of crystals and gems, the properties of the different varieties of stones and crystals, their multiple uses and applications, as well as the methodology of work. We will also learn how to deepen our inner knowledge by tuning into the energies of crystals.

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