BOOK - The Bible of Crystals Volume 1
BOOK - The Bible of Crystals Volume 1

BOOK - The Bible of Crystals Volume 1

Referencia: 1558

Definitive Guide to Crystals...

Author: Judy Hall

Approximate book size: 14 x 16.5cm

Approximate book weight: 610gr

Number of pages: 400 págs.

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The Crystal Bible covers both the major gems currently available and crystals that have been recently discovered. Beautifully illustrated, this is a complete guide to crystals, their morphology, their chromaticism and their various applications. Its format and presentation make it a unique guide of its kind, allowing you to immediately find any type of crystal, as well as all the information related to its esoteric properties (spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional and physical effects) and therapeutic, which makes it an indispensable reference for all those who love crystals.

This work is backed by the author's extensive experience in this field (over thirty years) and brings together traditional and contemporary knowledge related to the knowledge of crystals. Judy Hall is also the author of The Illustrated Guide to Crystals and The Crystal User's Handbook.

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