Transmisiones a través del Cristal - Una síntesis de luz - Triología de los cristales- Katrina Raphaell

BOOK - Transmissions through the Crystal - A Synthesis of Light - Crystal Trilogy

Referencia: 1564

Personal Growth, Healing, Protection

Author: Katrina Raphaell

Approximate book size: 14.5 x 21cm

Approximate book weight: 390gr

Number of pages: 296págs.

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In this innovative work of extraordinary success in the United States, Katrina Raphaell captures the result of her research on the ancestral use of minerals as well as her extensive experience in therapeutic practice.

This third volume of the series"Transmissions through the Crystal" reveals a new dimension of knowledge, thus complementing the cycle of crystalline wisdom. This book collects the instructive data born from Katrina's experience, providing the necessary knowledge for us to align with our own source of crystalline and luminous strength. Katrina also instructs us in the mechanisms of the system of twelve chakras that make possible our full integration into the physical body and the assimilation of transmissions through the crystal.

With innovative content, it addresses, among other topics, advanced cranial structures, the tuning of the divine essence, the arrangement of roots in the luminous body, the power of important healing stones, meditation in pairs with tantric crystals, and crystals and stones for a new race of beings..., themes and concepts that point to a new path of human realization for the new millennium.

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