Rolled from Quartz Blue.

Rolled of Quartz Blue 7x4cm (Pack 500gr)

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Approximate size of the pieces: 7 x 4cm

Approximateweight of the pack: 250gr

Approximate quantity inside the pack: 2 - 4 pcs

Origin: Brazil

The pieces that will be delivered are similar to the ones in the pictures

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Blue Quartz Rolls 7x4cm (pack 500gr)

Approximate part size: 7x4cm

Number of parts inside the pack: 2-4 units

Source: Brazil

Price is by weight: Pack 500gr

The parts to be delivered are similar to those in the photographs

Blue quartz is a tectosilicylate, this variety of quartz owes its color to the presence of fibrous inclusions of a variety of magnesiriebeckite, crocidolite. It can be translucent or opaque and its hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale.

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