• TYPE OF ROCK Mafic, volcanic, igneous
  • MAIN MINERALSSodium plagioclase, pyroxene, olivine
  • ACCESSORIES MINERALS Leucite, nepheline
  • COLOR Dark gray to black
  • TEXTUREFine-grained to porphyritic


The basalt is a black, gray or bluish volcanic igneous rock. It is formed by the rapid cooling of magma upon reaching the surface. It is rich in silicates of magnesium and iron, and contains little amount of silica. It has great magnetism. It usually has a porphyritic texture with phenocrysts of olivine, augite, plagioclase.

basalt is one of the most abundant rocks on the earth's surface. Most of it is found in vast expanses of the ocean floor. It is also found on the Moon, on Mars and in some meteorites. In aerial exposure it tends to weather. Good quality basalt is used in construction. Powdered, it is used as an agricultural soil enricher.

Deposits: It is found all over the world.


The basalt is said to provide support in vital changes, emotional stability, protection and fluidity. It helps to transmute deep anger and recover from the difficulties of life. It promotes a good energy level in the body and helps to anchor oneself to the earth and the physical body.

The basalt stones, together with other volcanic stones, polished and hot, They have been used since ancient times to perform hot stone massages, providing multiple benefits. These massages induce deep muscle relaxation, which relieves pain and tension, increases cell activity, facilitates the elimination of toxins, and balances the digestive, hormonal and lymphatic systems. In general, they balance and relax.

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