Shungit Extrema Protección - Nicolas Almand Nathor

BOOK - Shungite Extreme Protection

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The hungit S neutralizes some of the electromagnetic fields produced by the electrical appliances around us, acting as a shield.

Shungit Extreme Protection - Nicolas Almand Nathor

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Shungit Extreme Protection - Nicolas Almand Nathor

Reference guide for this unique mineral.

Based on studies of the 3 Nobel Laureates: Harold Kroto, Robert Curl and Richard Smalley.

Shungit or shungite is a mineraloid with more than 98% carbon in its composition. It contains fullerenes, a molecular form of carbon discovered in 1986 and noted in the scientific world for its chemical characteristics. It comes from the Carelia region of Russia, where in the early 18th century shungit was already used in thermal treatments and as a pigment for painting. It is attributed anti-bacterial properties and is usually applied in therapeutic treatments and for water purification.

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