Osiris, El Huevo de Obsidiana Sanación de la Energia Femenina - Ana Silvia Serrano

BOOK - Osiris. The Obsidian Egg Healing of Feminine Energy

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Osiris. The Obsidian Egg Healing Of Female Energy - Ana Silvia Serrano

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Obsidian is a psychic stone that due to its physical and energetic qualities, but also mythical and mystical, allows us to enter the dark spectrum of our unconscious to reveal the repressed contents of the feminine.

The obsidian egg, called Osiris, is a natural therapeutic instrument that helps us heal diseases of female organs such as cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, vaginitis and many other physical effects.

This work is an invitation to live the experience with Osiris, the obsidian egg, to know what "I am and can achieve in me" by deploying all that repressed energy that has prevented women from actually knowing our potentials and talents.

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