Cuarzo Maestro - Nina LLinares

BOOK - Master Quartz

Referencia: 1562

Guide to the mastery of quartz and its energy properties.

Author: Nina Llinares

Approximate book size: 15 x 21cm

Approximate book weight: 544gr

Number of pages: 336 pp.

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Quartz are the most conscious minerals in the crystalline kingdom. For a quartz to be considered a carrier of an energetic mastery, it has to possess, in addition to its particular beauty, a number of specific characteristics.

Some quartz crystals (rock crystal, amethyst, citrine, ametrine, smoked, etc.) have a formation on some of their faces and/or structure that gives them a special geometry called mastery.

In this book you will find, in a practical and profusely illustrated way, the masteries according to their qualities and applications, both for personal and crystaltherapeutic use.

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