La Biblia de los Cristales volumen 2 - Judy Hall

BOOK - The Bible of Crystals Volume 2

Referencia: 1559

It features more than 200 new crystals.

Author: Judy Hall

Approximate book size: 14 x 16.5cm

Approximate book weight: 610gr

Number of pages: 400 pages.

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This second volume of the best seller of the same author entitled "The Bible of Crystals" presents more than 200 new crystals - from high vibration stones for spiritual alchemy to recently revealed Greenland stones - and describes in detail its exceptional qualities, whose use contributes to enhance health and environmental energy.

The director inside reports on the operation of these crystals in the spiritual, karmic, environmental, physiological, mental, emotional and physical spheres, so that he can choose exactly the crystal that best suits each need.

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