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Anillo -A83- Baño de Plata

Silver Bath Ring -A83-

Referencia: 6012

Approximate part size: 2x2cm

Approximate weight: 4gr

Source: Brazil

The parts to be delivered are similar to those in the photographs.

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Black tourmaline is the most abundant variety of tourmaline, often called chorlo tourmaline when its crystals are hard and compact, and cathedral tourmaline when the crystals are less hard and compact.

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Citrine quartz is a mineral of the quartz family. It owes its yellow color to the presence of hydrated iron oxide. It has a duress 7 to the Mohs scale.

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Amethyst is a variety of quartz of magmatic and hydrothermal origin. Its violet color is due to the iron oxide content and because it has been subjected to high temperatures in its formation. Color intensity usually concentrates on the tips of crystals and can sometimes also have milky quartz bands.

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White Quartz or Transparent Quartz, also called Rock Crystal, is a variety of colorless crystalline quartz. It is composed of silicon dioxide, belongs to the group of silicates-tectosilicicates, and its hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale. Quartz crystals are usually shaped like a hexagonal prism with pyramidal faces at their ends. They can be isolated at double tip or in clusters forming maclas, drusas or geodes.

In the past, Rock Crystal was used for the production of containers and valuables. Shamanic traditions consider it a stone of light, of conscience and clairvoyance. Thanks to its optical and piezoelectric properties quartz has been used in lens making and electronics, although currently most Transparent Quartz is used for ornamentation and healing.

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