Juego de Formas Platónicas de Cuarzo Rosa Grande

Set of Platonic Shapes of Big Pink Quartz

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Game Platonic Forms in Rose Quartz

Set of 5 carved minerals representing the 5 Platonic forms or elements:

Tetrahedron (Fire), Cube (Earth), Octahedron (Air), Dodecahedron (Spirit), Icosahedron (Water)

Approximate size of Platonic forms: 4x4cm

The pieces that will be delivered are similar to those in the photographs

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Pink Quartz is a variety of crystalline quartz, translucent or opaque transparency. Its pink color is due to its titanium content. Pink quartz is often found in the form of massive aggregates and rarely in the form of crystals. It belongs to the group of silicates-tectosilicicals and its hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale.

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