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Amethyst's Drusa at Peana PPA5


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Approximate part size: 21 x 32cm

Approximate part weight: 6kg

Source: Bolivia

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Amethyst is a variety of quartz of magmatic and hydrothermal origin. Its violet color is due to the iron oxide content and because it has been subjected to high temperatures in its formation. Color intensity usually concentrates on the tips of crystals and can sometimes also have milky quartz bands.

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The MatistA is known as the stone of harmony, transmutation and spirituality. Corresponds to the 6th chakra, located in the bseed. It helps calm the mind and relax, the connection with our intuition in this way. It is for this reason that the amethyst is usually a good complement to the practice of meditation, either by holding the mineral in her hands, placing it on top of the bist or heart, or placing an amethyst crystal in front of us.

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