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Obsidian Chip necklace


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Obsidian Chip necklace

Approximate part size: 2mm

Approximate length: 80cm

Origin: Mexico

The pieces that will be delivered are similar to those in the photographs

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Obsidian is a natural glass of volcanic origin formed at the time of solidification of lava by cooling very quickly. It is usually black although it can have brown, green and reddish tones due to the presence of magnetite or hematites (iron oxide). It may also contain spherical inclusions of other minerals of grayish tones, a feature that gives it the name Obsidian Nevada. Sometimes gold or silvery reflections are appreciated, the result of the gas bubbles or pores that it can contain.

For its fracture and hardness properties (5 -5.5 on the Mohs scale), ancient cultures used obsidian to make tools, weapons, and ornamentation.

Click here to learn more about obsidian.

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