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Palo Santo bag (1 Kg)
Bolsa Palo Santo 1Kg Calidad Extra
Bolsa Palo Santo 1Kg Calidad Extra

Palo Santo bag (1 Kg)

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Approximate size of the piece: 10 x 2.5cm

Approximate bag weight: 990gr - 1kg

Origin: Peru

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Palo Santo and fair trade

Because it is important to buy Palo Santo on a trusted site.

Regulated by the Peruvian government

Our Palo Santo comes exclusively from Peru, where for years it has been regulated by the state, with a series of measures to guarantee the balance between consumption and growth of this tree.

The collection is exclusively of fallen wood

Following the rules of the state, the wood is always collected from fallen branches or already dead trees. In addition, extraction is always carried out in assigned areas with a previous study of forest mass.

Commitment to the inhabitants and Re-planting of the Palo Santo

The law states that it has to be extracted and cut by the inhabitants of the indigenous communities, thus benefiting the local economy.

When the Palo Santo goes through customs, it is verified that all the requirements have been met and all the corresponding documentation is delivered.

The Palo Santo

The incension of Palo Santo (bursera graveolens) is a natural wood incension used for centuries by the Incas and other indigenous cultures to purify and cleanse the energies providing spiritual protection. Its smell is intense and slightly sweet, and provides a sense of well-being.

The palo santo of our stores has its origin in Peru, in the Dry Forest of the Northwest. It is a tree adapted to the conditions of aridity and high temperatures. In dry season and dry season it defoliates completely and appears as a dead tree, but at the beginning of the rains it resurges very easily. It is preferably located on steep slopes and hills. Its bark is smooth, purple to grayish, and secretes a white or yellowish resin. It can reach up to 10 meters in height and grows from 50 to 1500 meters above sea level.

Peru's Forest Regulations regulate the sustainable use of palo santo wood through a Forest Management Plan that addresses the replenishment and maintenance of the resource, while favoring the cleaning of the forest, banks and irrigation dams, where trunks and branches usually accumulate.

Currently the palo santo continues to be used as incension or sahumerio. Only trees that have completed their life cycle and die naturally are used. These trees are the only ones that after a resting time provide aromatic properties and concentrate essential oils.

Click here to learn more about the palo santo.

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