The pendulum - Simple and effective dowsing techniques - Werner Giessing

BOOK - The pendulum - Simple and effective dowsing techniques - Werner Giessing

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The Pendulum - Werner Giessing.

Simple and effective radiesthesia techniques.

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Werner Giessing is an experienced professor and practitioner of radiesthetics. This book imposed the task of writing a pendulum manual that met all expectations, and that was useful for both participants and professionals in the field.

Thanks to this book you will be able to learn everything you need to know about the pendulum. Starting with the choice of pendulum and learning how to use it correctly, its possible materials, shapes, sizes, handling are addressed.... as well as asking him questions.

Prelude illustrated, this work also instructs on the different hand and body postures to be adopted when using the pendulum and includes a set of tables to facilitate questions, which the first novel radiestist should use in his early experiences.

This book brings us in detail and depth to the world of pendulum: practice itself, the reason for its effectiveness, its advantages, but also the precautions to be taken into account, with the aim of becoming a faithful travel companion that we can always resort to to give us the appropriate answer.

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